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The Merlin MicroShot injector enables convenient and repeatable manual injections for Gas Chromatography (GC). The unique trigger mechanism makes each injection automatic when the needle is inserted into the injection port. The plunger displacement is fixed for precise volume delivery confirming reproducibility. The Merlin MicroShot uses syringes with removable or fixed 23 or 26 gauge needles with a ball-end plunger detail.


Precise, repeatable injection volume

Each injector is calibrated to a single volume

Simple, fast motion to make injection


How It Works

A GC syringe is mounted in the MicroShot injector and a spring-driven plunger slide holds and supports the syringe plunger, making it easy to rinse and fill the syringe without damaging the plunger. The sample volume is controlled by calibrated volume rod. When the injector is filled and armed, pushing the syringe needle into the injection port triggers the sample injection, reducing the injection process to a simple motion. 

The MicroShot injector is available in 5 fixed sizes which deliver precise, repeatable sample volumes from 0.1 to 2.0 microliters when used with the appropriate 10-uL syringe.


Improves injection precision by eliminating the task of carefully adjusting each sample volume by eye

Provides a convenient holder for the syringe and allows easy manipulation of the syringe plunger, which protects these delicate parts

Fast injection minimizes needle residence time in the injection port, which minimizes potential sample descrimination 

Provides convenient sampling from a wide variety of sample containers, eliminating the necessity of processing samples into vials specifically for autosamplers

Choosing the Correct Syringes for the MicroShot



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